Lisa Stewart Design Studio has a brand update: Build Your Own Small Business.

Why I decided to make a brand update

When I moved to Seattle last year, I renewed my love of freelancing in design, Web, and usability for small business. My freelancing activities were under my name Lisa Stewart (Design Studios).

Over the past year, I became deeply re-connected in the World of small business as an advisor and guide. Expanding this role from a mere freelancer working on piece-meal projects, my growth as a small business guide has enabled me to expand my network of great people in Seattle with complementary skills and grow my business.

As a quick aside: My diverse experience spans more than 25 years in the design industry. Over the years, I have learned a variety of ways to sell my products using traditional, guerrilla, and new media marketing since I started my own greeting card line at the age of 7. Oh my, perhaps this makes it much more than 25 years? Anyhow, these methods have taught me how to distinguish myself among a sea of competitors and craft a compelling brand. As a result, my experience has grown into advising several size business ranging from Fortune 100 companies to micro businesses on design, marketing, and Web development.

Today, as my small business client needs broaden, so must my business services inside my network. Huzzah!

BYO Small Business Logo Design Elements

The logo remains the same. The logo includes 3 interlocking rings that represent RGB – my love of color and design. I implement this system for all the products and services I create. This leads us to the dot in the center. The dot in the center represents the sweet spot when all 3 elements come together to form the perfect product or service.

BYO Small Business Spot Illustration Elements

The FatCat is a new addition. FatCat will be your guide throughout the Web site and other collateral.

How does our brand update affect your small business?

This will be a place for you as a non-design small business entrepreneur to get advice and guidance on brand, design, marketing, & sales. I will cultivate meaningful partnerships with industry experts to bring you current news, strategies, & services important to your small business.

What services this brand update features

Today, as the founder of BYO Small Business, a broad array of services will be offered that include packaged products, workshops, and consulting. You’ll find:

Brand + Marketing

Brand Development for both new and established small businesses

Modern Design

Design Services that include Logo/ID systems, print & digital design for brochures, books, magazines, and spot illustration.

If you have a specific need not outlined above, please contact me!

Where you can find BYO Small Business brand updates

Alternative names on the Interweb: BYO Small Business and Build Your Own SMB

Join me personally on LinkedIn, follow my LinkedIn Showcase Page, Facebook, & Twitter.

Join Our Meetup
If you’re local to Seattle, you can also join us at our monthly meetups Seattle Small Business Design & Marketing Meetup. Here we will talk about how to build and manage your marketing goals.

I hope you’ll join me and recommend your small business colleagues to us.
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Stay tuned as I round out the service offerings that will help you in your small business strategy.