Customer Journey Mapping – Tips for Small Business

Are you unsure how your customers are experiencing your product or how they feel about it?

Now is a good time to learn what a customer journey map is, customer types, and understand customer buying habits.

Lisa is going to show you a very simple framework to outline your customer journey. This will transform browsers into leads, prospects, and customers. Ultimately, raving fans.

What is a Customer Journey?

A customer journey is the series of steps your customer takes to purchase from you.
From awareness to purchase, your customer hits a series of brand touchpoints along the way. She begins to generate feelings, thoughts, beliefs toward your product or service.

This is why it’s critical to understand what those series of touchpoints are so that you can curate them for the best customer experience.

Live streaming details:

  1. Customer Journey
  2. Understanding Your Customer Buying Habits
  3. Why People Buy
  4. Customer Types
  5. 5 Stages of Your Customer Journey
  6. Content Strategies for Each Stage

Resources Mentioned

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