Is your book as visually appealing as your prose?

Your New Book Deserves a Compelling Cover Design

“A book is not judged by its cover,” said no customer ever.

First impressions are 94% design-related

Let’s face it, people make snap judgments. It takes less than one second to form a first impression. And impressions are emotional. Are you making a great impression?

You’ve worked hard to polish your prose to tell a great story.

But that story isn’t just told with your words, there is also a visual story.

And well-designed visual stories make great impressions.

That’s where I’m focusing my attention:

To provide a range of design services that include multi-platform assets (print + Web) to showcase your book’s brand.

This includes cover design, interior design, illustrations, and other marketing materials that your customer touches. Color, type, and imagery are all distinctly wrapped up to emotionally connect with your readers.

And yes, a book is definitely judged by its cover.

What Our Process Looks Like…

As we gather information about your ideal reader, we go through several steps to create a cover design that captures the emotional connection of your core audience.


Assemble Material

The process of designing begins with assembling materials to make our project rich with ideas. This includes reading your manuscript and asking clarifying questions about your core audience.

Filter, Organize, & Sketch Ideas

As I filter the material, I organize imagery, color, and type in a hierarchical structure that make sense to the overall look. Next, I sketch ideas based the best emotional connection that will match the sensitivities to your ideal reader.


Like a good marinara sauce, all the sketch ideas need time to incubate. This takes time. We could return to the sketches and re-sketch. Our inspiration usually comes during showers or waking periods. The cycles could return to sketching and then more incubating. Could be hours or days.


After the incubation period, we finalize our ideas and design 3 final good ideas. This is when you get to see the final product -and not a minute sooner.

What You’re Saying

Expert in color, balance, design, and functionality, Lisa Stewart brought it all to the project. She listened deeply, made sure she understood, designed and created choices of layout, color and style so I could learn what I liked, and she gave consistent, wise advice. The advice transcended artistry and included sound use of design and deliverables in business concerns. Her patient good humor eased me through the process. I am totally delighted with Lisa’s work.

Teresa Crumpton

Editor, Author Spark

Are you ready to build your project?

Are you ready to build your project?

"Lisa is a seasoned professional." ~Luke, TAKENBarstools