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BYO Blueprint™ + BYO Launch™ Packages

How It Works

Given you have so many hours in a day,
our Done-For-You packages will help you launch your startup/small biz within two weeks.


BYO Blueprint™

90-Minute Package


BYO Launch™

2-Week Package


BYO Blueprint™

To realize your vision, you first have to articulate it. Knowing what you stand for and what you want will set you on the road to dominating your industry. The BYO Blueprint™ package will give you the big picture and marketing strategy ideas to actively move forward.

BYO Blueprint™ $997

The session is an eye-opening experience. We’ll get crystal clear about what you do and if your message matches. We’ll address key questions like… Do you stand out as being different? Do you inspire curiosity enough for people to want more?

We Survey Your Business Landscape

The time you spend in this interview will have you re-imagining your brand and business in new ways. I’ll gather your details and push it through my inventive lens to develop the blueprint for your value proposition.

What You Get

The interview and a brief written Blueprint that identifies your brand and business opportunities and a plan to move forward. This blueprint can be used the same day.

(This cost gets applied to any BYOLaunch™ moving forward.)


BYO Launch™

After our BYO Launch™ interview reveals what makes you different, we show you off with inventive branding that attracts, resonates, and connects with your ideal customer. Our BYOLaunch executes your entire brand, from developing the strategy & message through designing and building the website, and gets you out there selling immediately.

BYO Launch™ $7497

BYO Launch™ is for startups and small businesses who need dynamic branding now and don’t have the time to wait to start selling. Everything you need to boost your business game immediately.

A total brand that sells itself in 1-2 weeks.


This consists of two half-day sessions one week apart and you will have my undivided attention to execute your branded materials.

Workshop Day 1 – Plan Your Launch Session
Workshop Day 2 – Launch Review & Rehearsal

What You Get

At the end of the second week, you will leave with all of the tools you need to get your business up and running immediately.

Projects can include: Your brand’s positioning & messaging, logo, business cards, letterhead, marketing materials, a responsive website that works on every device with written copy – all designed, built and launched by the end of your BYO Launch™.

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