Do you feel invisible?

Sometimes being invisible is a superpower. In your case, invisibility is kryptonite for your small business. If you’re struggling to talk about what you do, the answer might just lie in this workshop! Let’s move you from being a commodity to a recognized brand that resonates with your ideal customer!

Announcing: A Quick Start Brand Workshop

This workshop is for all new and established small business entrepreneurs!!

This 2-hour workshop serves as a primer for my comprehensive BYOBrand development program.

This is for those of you who:

  • know you need it but don’t know where to start
  • don’t want to invest in something ambiguous, and
  • are not real sure you want the whole shebang

This workshop will cover the basics that will help you emotionally connect with your customers, expand your opportunities, and build a profitable business. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to immediately use this framework to:

  1. Talk confidently and clearly about your work,
  2. Carve a niche in your crowded marketplace and attract your favorite customer,
  3. Deal with objections and risks with style and have your customer love you for it, and
  4. Design a well-crafted clear statement about how you help your customer achieve their desired goals

Doesn’t that sound exciting?

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What You’re Saying

“Lisa is great! She’s extremely knowledgeable and loves to help!” Sue

“It is a wonderful group and I believe will provide the ongoing direction and support I need!” ~Nigel

“Lisa is a wealth of knowledge. She had some great suggestions for reworking my website and marketing my business.” ~Christina

“Great!!! Very informative and helpful.” ~Stephanie

This workshop is run by Lisa, who has spent the last 25+ years as a small business advisor helping entrepreneurs create consistent design and marketing materials, elevate their brand, and make a deeper connection with their customer.