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What Our Design Process Looks Like…

As we define the project, we gather information and brainstorm ideas for the greatest impact.


Assemble Material

The process of designing begins with assembling materials to make our project rich with ideas. This includes metaphors and icons that would most resonate with your project.

Brainstorm, Filter, Organize, & Sketch Ideas

As I filter the material, I organize imagery, color, and type in a hierarchical structure that makes sense to the overall look. Next, I sketch ideas so that we can begin to understand how all the information we’ve collected may impact design project.


Like a good marinara sauce, all the sketch ideas need time to develop. As we develop preliminary ideas, we form multiple solutions that help round out your project’s impact and emotional connection.

Feedback, Finalize, & Improve

After we’ve developed a few solutions, we finalize our ideas and design 3 final good ideas. This is when you get to see the final product -and not a minute sooner.

Are you ready to build your project?

Are you ready to build your project?

"Lisa is a seasoned professional." ~Luke, TAKENBarstools