Have you defined the heart and soul of your business?

At the core of our design business, we craft unique visual solutions that fit your market.
This includes well-research logo development and brand guidelines that craft your business distinction.

Thoughtful visual design evokes a positive emotional response.

First impressions are 94% design related. How good is your first impression?

Logo Design

Your Indelible Mark

What’s In A Logo?

In short: the heart and soul of your business.

Imagine the heart of your business reflected within one symbol.

It’s a compass, a combination of concepts and principles designed by the experienced visual communicator based on historical awareness and visual intelligence.

  • A well crafted insignia that expresses emotion and passion for your creative techniques,
  • An indelible emblem that represents why your mission is vital to the marketplace, and
  • A quiet beacon that showcases your brand’s distinct value

Your logo, in essence, is a graphic mark, symbol, or emblem that promotes recognition. With my clever  and insightful design solutions, I can illustrate a meaningful mark for the heart of your business.

Enduring, the symbolic heart that is your logo will become your silent messenger. Your customers will recall the inspired vitality and imaginative products your company has known to become.


ID System Design

What’s An ID System?

A synchronized style across all platforms

Once your indelible mark is crafted into a beautiful logo, we create a succinct ID system that becomes your synchronized style across all platforms.

When your logo/ID system is presented on your print and web materials, it begins to form an impression. From letterheads, business cards, invoices, and product hangtags, to online banners, graphics, and transparent branding overlayed on product photos, it breathes life across all forms of communication.

Overtime, your identity continues to speak to others, informing them of your company’s position, products, or services. Consistency is vital to your identity and your position in the marketplace should exalt vitality and defy the stereotypical, mundane, monochromic marks of your competitors.

What Our Process Looks Like…


As we gather information about the target audience, we go through several steps to create a logo that is simple, timeless, memorable, adaptable, and appropriate.


Assemble Material

The process of designing begins with assembling materials to make our project rich with ideas. This includes metaphors and icons that would most resonate with your brand.

Filter, Organize, & Sketch Ideas

As I filter the material, I organize imagery, color, and type in a hierarchical structure that make sense to the overall look. Next, I sketch ideas based on your brand’s values, attributes, and story.


Like a good marinara sauce, all the sketch ideas need time to incubate. This takes time. We could return to the sketches and re-sketch. Our inspiration usually comes during showers or waking periods. The cycles could return to sketching and then more incubating. Could be hours, days, or weeks.


After the incubation period, we finalize our ideas and design 3 final good ideas. This is when you get to see the final product -and not a minute sooner.

What You’re Saying

As I began to streamline a new casting business I purchased, I wanted a contemporary logo that showcases American-made hand cast barstools. Based on my Creator Archetype, Lisa and I collaborated on my brand with the BYOBranding Workbook. Lisa designed the logo that showcases the unique, enduring design of my main product. I’m thrilled with the result. This contemporary logo and ID system will help position us as the premier maker of historically accurate hand cast barstools well into the next 25 years. If you are looking for creative and unique designs, I would recommend that you contact Lisa Stewart for your projects.

See Case Study.

Charles "Luke" Lukey

Owner, TAKENBarstools