How to Build Authority with Google Gmail Account

Do you want to build authority?

Make it easy on yourself by starting with creating a Gmail account.

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If you want to initiate a strong web presence on the largest search engine in the world, I strongly suggest that you take advantage of Google and their free tools.

Your brand new business needs a home base -a foundation- from which all other branding activities take place. A root directory —if you will— for your business communications.

Managing your Google Analytics, claiming your Google My Business page to establish local credibility, or simply create a YouTube channel, requires a single email box to get started.

The best way to start is to create a free gmail account.

Your gmail address will become the root directory for your business activities. And if you have multiple email boxes setup with your company name, you’ll be able to forward all of them to this single email box. Plus respond to your emails as though it looks like its coming from your company.

You’ll gain access to a plethora of other tools that are going to support your business.

I like to start all of my clients this way so that they can control every aspect without being dependent on me -should I get hit by a bus. Of course, this is the boostrappers guide to setting up your gmail address. Eventually, you can upgrade to the GSuite for small business for $6/mo. But this initial setup give you a taste of how it functions and the assets

So let’s set up your gmail address straight away. This should take you no more than 2 minutes to complete.

Google Account

First, Go to the Google Account creation page (there’s a link in the description box below).

Follow the steps on the screen to set up your account.

My recommendation is to create a user name meaningful to your business. Don’t use your personal account. As I tell my clients, if ever you should have the option of selling your business, this asset contains the whole root structure and gets pushed to the buyer. It’s never too late to create this root structure but it will take work to separate your personal from your business property.

As an example, I’ll create a business named Copernicus Cameras, then see if I can grab a name close to that. Ultimately, I’d like: Got it!

Because I already have another Gmail account, I created Copernicus Cameras using the Add another account link button found at the bottom of my accumulated accounts. You can access this pane by clicking on the white initial letter found in the upper right corner. In this case, its’ the letter N in the green circle. Add another account is at the bottom.

Now, at this point, if you have your website set up with a host, chances are you’ll get email boxes. If you’re a solopreneur or have just a few people in your business, I recommend setting up at least professional emails.

For instance, your first name, hello, and support. So, for CopernicusCameras, I’ll set up,, and

You’ll go into your CPanel and create these mail boxes and then forward them to If you can’t do this, have your web designer do it for you.

Under no circumstances do you share the email You want to hold this sacred, close to the vest because you’ll be using this email to build your platform extensions like Google My Business, YouTube, Google Analytics, and so on.

The other email boxes will attract spam as you publish them on your website and other platforms. This is just the way it is. When that happens, you can clean them out or delete them and rebuild them with a new password to sanitize the spam. [Bleach spam box]

Set Up Your Signature

A couple of things you’ll want to set up before you leave are to craft your signature with a new gmail feature and download the GMAIL app  on your phone to access while you’re out of the office.

And I’m going to show you right now!

Recently, as in May 2020, I noticed that Google added a pen icon to help you create a signature template for your future messages.

Click on the pen icon found this on the bottom nav of the new message window. The General tab found within Settings will appear with the Signature position at the top, waiting to be created.

Click Create new button and fill in a quick title of your first signature -you may want a few depending on how you answer your emails. In this case, I’ve just typed int CCameras and clicked on Create button to continue.

It will look odd, but what seems like a fractured window pops up to the right of your signature title box. Go ahead and complete your full signature in this box. For Nick, it’s Copernicus Cameras, Binoculars, & Telescopes, Keeping an Eye on the Universe

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to save your work. Always be saving.

Now feel free to experiment by creating a new message.
Click the pen at the bottom of the message box and voila! You can select your signature.

Get the most recent signature tips in this video here when you’re finished with this Gmailtech tip.

App Store

The next task is to hit up the App Store to download the Gmail app for your phone if you haven’t already.

Don’t know if you noticed, but as we were setting up the Copernicus Camera account, there were a couple of quick links inside the setup -including Get Gmail for mobile. You can grab the link via mobile number, scanning the QR code, taking the blue link, or heading straight to the App Store.

Once downloaded, you can log into all of your gmail accounts simultaneously and review your email at once. So helpful when you’re out n’about.

Until next time, keep building!
Cheers, Lisa

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