How To Upload Image Posts To Instagram Using Facebook And Your Desktop Keyboard

Do you want to save a ton of time uploading photos to Instagram and schedule them, too?

Lisa shares an easy way to upload and schedule to your Instagram account that’s going to free up your time using your desktop!

How To Save Time Uploading to Instagram with Your Desktop Keyboard

Does uploading to Instagram with your smartphone fill you with dread?

Do you feel angst every time you want to post but you know that you have to face the dreaded tiny keyboard?

I discovered an easy way to upload and schedule to your Instagram account that’s going to free up your time without using your smartphone.

Hi. I’m Lisa Stewart, founder of Build-Your-Own Small Business. I’m a brand strategist, maker, and business coach and I help STEAM entrepreneurs —like you —build products that sell and change the world from their workbench.

Like you, I would get filled with angst and worry that I wouldn’t launch my Instagram post in just the right way. I would dread the time that it took to find the photo, write a caption, find my hashtags and do this all on my iPhone.

Today! I want to show you what I discovered to make your life just a bit easier using your desktop, keyboard, and your Facebook Business page account. This is going to shorten the process and inject just a little bit of fun -not to mention confidence in the process. I’m going to head to the desktop to do it.

I’m going to head to the desktop and do a little bit of screen share so that you can see how I do it.

Head over to Facebook and get into your business page on the left. Select publishing tools. The upper right side you’ll find the blue button that says create post. I select both my business page and my Instagram page and then i add my text in the text box and then finally add my photo.

Bonus points because now we get to schedule it and voila finished and that’s it for this tutorial.

Remember, great things take time. Thanks so much for hanging out with me today. I can’t wait to see you in the next video.


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