Google Drive Tips & Tricks 2021 For Small Business

Do you want to keep your files organized?

Then you’ll want to know about the new Google Drive features for 2021.

Today Lisa is going to demonstrate how you can increase your daily productivity, achieve efficiency with project management, as well as staying sane with your team -all so that you can get back to your workbench.

This includes how to navigate the new dashboard, locating your files, collaborating, sharing files, advanced searching tips, and storage.

Let’s start building! 

Google Drive

00:00​ Intro
02:28​ Google Drive Tips & Tricks
02:52​ Location
03:20​ Dashboard
04:00​ File Types
04:35​ How to Use Google Drive
05:24​ Share
05:45​ Search
06:17​ Storage

Resources Mentioned

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