How To Use Text Expander to Save Time Writing

Does typing on your phone cause frustration when you’re trying to engage on social media?

What if I told you could you quickly and easily repeat those long phrases with just a few keystrokes?
Find out how to boost efficiency using the underused text expander.

Transcript below the video.

Stick around because I’m going to show you how to create your own glossary of phrases that you can use again and again on your phone and desktop. Perfect for social media and other forms of communication.

So, what do I mean by creating long phrases with just a few keystrokes?

You have the ability to type in just a few meaningful strokes that expand text -tied to that specific string of characters.

Basically it’s a self-created autofill for your personal conversations. A text expander if you will.

I’ve got a growing list in my personal file that I use for both personal and social media.

For instance, this is what it looks like: I type hby for Happy Birthday! Have a great year! 🥳 I created this myself and I can show you how.

If you’re tired of making spelling mistakes on your smartphone and you want to save time engaging on social media and boost efficiency, this trick might be what you need.

For Mac user, we’ve got two ways to make this easy on ourselves:
On our desktop or our iPhone.

If you’re using the stock Android keyboard, you don’t need to look any farther than Settings. From what I’ve heard, the feature is hidden under “Personal dictionary.” Beyond that, I can’t direct you further, I’m sorry.

For the iOS desktop, open up preferences and then find keyboard Icon typically found in the third row near the right side.

Here you’ll find five tabs at the top select text. Now if you’ve never done this before you may find a few examples already listed.
As you can see during this demo, I’ve got a pool of phrases. 

To add your personal phrase, find the + – icons at the bottom of the list on the left.
Click +
Type a few meaningful characters that you can remember. (This is key)

I’m going to add It’s your birthday! I ❤️ you! with an emoji. As you can see, I typed it out in my notes to make sure spelling, spacing, and the emoji are correct.

I’ll copy and paste it into the column titled “with”

Now I’ll test it to ensure it looks the way I want it to appear.
As I type i y b, the phrase pops up like a thought bubble. Click your keyboard space bar.

I started in my notes and typed out my phrase and copied it to my clipboard.

Click the globe icon at the bottom left of your screen and a dialog box titled keyboard settings appears.

Click the words Keyboard Settings

Keyboards within preferences appears.

You’ll want to click on Text Replacement -found 2nd from the top,

Click the + sign at the top right to add your new phrase

Paste your phrase

Type your characters in shortcut

Here I return to notes to test.

As I type HB You’ll see that the phrase pops up in the second or center suggestions box and I just tap that with my finger to commit the change.


I can’t tell you how efficient this makes me feel when I’m able to recognize my friends on their birthdays or when I’m initiated engagement on social media. This is an introvert’s time management feature dream come true.

On another note, I am hosting a LIVE Q&A This Saturday here on YouTube. I would love for you to join me because you’ll be able to ask any burning questions you might have about starting a business or if you’ve got a current challenge as a long time business owner, I can help you too.

You can find the link here and in the description box.

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