BYOBrand Identity Story Workbook


Emotionally connect with your customers, make them feel loved, and grow a profitable business.

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Build—Your—Own Brand Identity Story Workbook

Are you struggling with understanding just what goes into building a brand?

Like you, many small businesses struggle with knowing that they need to build their brand like the big guys -and idea is overwhelming! You know the cost of having a brand built for you by a big agency will just eat your budget! Will paying a big agency even be worth it?

You can gather and read all of the information you want, but if you cannot implement it, it’s useless. Think of Build-Your-Own Brand Identity Story as a framework for your business. You are in charge of designing and implementing your own brand strategy!

After working with small business for the past 25 years, I am now offering you an opportunity to build your brand at an affordable price. I’ve created over 130 pages that will enable you to make brand decisions on behalf of your company and set your business on a path to ready-to-sell.

Your brand planning workbook is the bedrock to all of your communication and business strategy.

With the BYOBrand Identity StoryWorkbook, you’re going to get consistent results that will guide you to:

  1. Identify your ideal customer and speak their language (to attract more just like them)
  2. Find uniqueness in the marketplace (even if your product is similar to others), and
  3. Learn the secret to riveting brand storytelling (that hooks)

Let’s look inside the BYOBrand Identity Story Workbook Kit and how can it help you.

The Foundation for Your Brand
Research shows that over half of consumer buying decisions are based on emotion. You deepen your connection with your customer when you know who you are. This exercise will delight you as you expand your personality based on your archetype. You will you define your voice, create a language, and tap into the collective unconscious.

The best brands embody substance and character, the qualities you want in a trusted friend. So, in…

Chapters 1-4, we will:

  • Outline our blueprint and goals for your brand development.
  • Explore your core values and discover ways to use them to guide brand decisions.
  • Construct Your Ideal Customer to resonate with your favorite clients.
  • Create your brand’s personality attributes to begin your client’s emotional journey.

Chapters 6-8, will cover how to

  • Define your uniqueness as we work through steps to set our products/services apart.
  • Identify the competition and build on perception.
  • Make, measure, and manage an ironclad promise to your customers (it’s not scary, I promise!).
  • Map Your Brand’s Position and stake a claim for future growth.

Chapters 9-11, we will formalize

  • Your brand’s vision and mission to know where you’re going and how you’re getting there.
  • Your Company Culture beliefs transferred through touchpoints.
  • Your brand’s look and voice to connect on several emotional levels.

And finally, unlock the magic key to launch your brand’s story.

In addition to the 130-page workbook, you get personalized attention and guidance with Lisa.

Bonus: One 90 minute Session to work with Lisa (value $127)
Purchase the Premium and get 5 hours with personalized service and guidance with Lisa
Together, we go through your brand planning workbook and review each section. We complete each chapter and of course, there will be some homework. When you’re finished, we review your new brand to ensure that it is on point. In the end, you’ll be invigorated and confident moving forward with your new brand strategy!

Lisa helped me take a mess of inconsistent ideas and craft them into a strong brand that really resonates and speaks to my audience. I had spent a lot of time frustrated with the direction things were going and I wish that I had hired Lisa earlier.
~Becca Ribbing


The BYOBrand Identity Story Workbook is designed to do the following:

  • Reveal your brand’s true purpose to emotionally connect with the right client.
  • Highlight 3 ways that your brand will naturally differentiate within the marketplace
  • Craft your value proposition easily tailored based on your unique archetype.
  • Inspire and emotionally connect with your ideal customer with your brand promise.
  • Finally, unlock your brand power with the one key of truth.

The BYOBrand Identity Story uses a simple system to achieve the above

  1. Structured explanations
  2. Step-by-step process throughout each chapter
  3. Fill in the blanks with easy-to-follow industry formulas
  4. Checklists
  5. Charts & Infographics
  6. Successful brand case studies ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses.
  7. Anecdotal evidence of Lisa’s real-life successes and fails –that will surely make you feel better!
  8. Your Archetype framework for immediate access
  9. Your brand strategy framework for immediate access

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Our promise: Love the Build Your Own Brand Workbook or let us know. We’ll always make it right. This package is not a “get rich quick scheme.” It takes lots of time, effort, and dedication. We believe that we provide you a great toolbox to achieve your desired results, and our clients agree. If you don’t see real, lasting change after you go through the BYOBrand Workbook, I’ll offer you a free one-on-one coaching session to get you back on track.”

What you will learn in the BYOBrand Identity Story Workbook

  • Why your amazing offer will fall flat using the wrong language
  • How to create a unique position even when your offering isn’t that unique.
  • How your core values will prevent you from becoming a commodity
BYOBrand Identity Story Workbook OfferBasicPremium
BYOBrand Identity Story Workbook + 90 minute session with Lisa
Extra 5 Hour Coaching Session with Lisa
You do not need a Paypal account and can pay with any credit card$900$1500


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Thanks so much!

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