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Grow Your Skillset and Your Business

Match the stage of your business with the right program

No one has time for research, am I right?
There are only so many hours in the day and your focus is what is going to move the needle in your business right now.

If you’re stuck, you’ll find a program that will match where you are in your business stage to help you move upward—step-by-step.

Climbing the ladder requires stepping on every rung. Zooming past the rungs with an airlift may get you to the top fast, but it will prevent you from achieving the clarity necessary for understanding the processes required for each level.

Many folks want to rush the process and automate as soon as possible. Before you can automate, you first must propagate and iterate. And to do that, you have to understand how that works.

And only that kind of understanding happens during organic growth-and iterating along the way.

Our journey together will move you from diving down the rabbit hole and latching onto tactics that may not fit your business style to getting crystal clear about what you do and who you serve—in each stage of your business growth.

Your Next Steps

Where are you in your journey?

-You may be talking about your idea with friends and family but you’re not crystal clear on how to sell it.

-Maybe you’re making money.

-You haven’t figured out how to articulate the benefits that brings in consistent revenue.

-You’ve taken your product to market and had a bit of success.

-You’re finding competitors who are on your heels replicating everything you do.

-You’re getting lost in the sea of sameness and you’re losing bids or shelf space.

-You thought you had momentum making a little more consistent revenue but not quite enough to quit your day job.

-You’re finding momentum and success building your small empire

-Competitors are on your heels, replicating everything you do.

-You want to expand your products/services, create new  channels, and essentially be everywhere.

Programs to Get You Started

Move from being invisible to immediately making sales.

Sometimes being invisible is a superpower. In your case, invisibility is kryptonite for your small business

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if nobody understands why they should work with you or why they should buy your product.

Talking on-and-on about the features and benefits of your product without making an emotional connection is your brand’s kryptonite.

Connections happen only when your message is clear and concise —and resonates with the right audience.

Build Your Small Empire with the knowledge and tools that big agencies use and start making bank on your money message.

No matter where you are in your journey, you’re ready to raise the kite and electrify your business.

You know you need the interwebs to build your business and reach more people, but the technology is overwhelming and confusing.

You also know that finding the right partner to trust can be dicey. Who wants to trust their luck on chance?

With bootstrapper philosophy, I know how to level up and balance your marketing and tech with smart investment strategies.

You’ll look crisp, different, and provide meaningful value to the customers you serve.

Private mentoring is the key you need to raise your profile and electrify your business.

If you’re serious about building your vision and expanding the reach for your business, sign up for a free 30-minute consultation.

Private mentoring packages with Lisa start at $15,000.

BYODream™️ Business:

Design Remarkable Experiences and Monetize

12-Month Consulting Package $1497

Imagine getting all the consulting you want for a year!
When you're stuck, stumped, or stymied, you can get advisement from Lisa who has been in your shoes.

Unlimited 15-minute laser coaching calls with Lisa. On each call, we agree on homework and you must complete your homework before you schedule your next call.

Working with Lisa has been a great experience! ~Bob Garafei, BVI Daysails

BYO Blueprint™ Package

BYO Blueprint™ is for startups and small businesses who need to articulate their vision. Knowing what you stand for and what you want will set you on the road to dominating your industry immediately.

A big picture package that identifies your brand and business opportunities
with a plan to move forward the same day.

BYO Launch™ Package

3-Week Package

BYO Launch™ is for startups and small businesses who need dynamic branding now and don’t have the time to wait to start selling. Everything you need to boost your business game immediately.

A total brand package ready for you to begin
attracting and selling to serious customers in just 3 weeks.

Are you an inventor?

Inventor Mentor helps inventors like you build products that sell and change the world from your workbench.