Andrew Hayden Web Site

A Clean Modern Web Site for an Integrated Marketing Programs Expert

Interviewing the Client

Andrew came to me for a Web site overhaul that championed his work as an Integrated Marketing Programs Expert.

Upon interviewing Andrew, I learned that he’s an upbeat professional, brimming with talent gained only through experience. As a forward-thinking designer, his site needed to be infused with a modern, clean approach.

Creating the Style Tile

The style tile is a great mix that stands between mood boards and design comps. Time is appropriately invested in style tiles that consist of fonts, colors and interface elements that communicate the essence of a visual brand for the Web. Like fabric swatches and paint chips are to an interior designer, tiles contain the necessary visual information when presenting to my client.

Andrew Hayden Style Tile

Casual, yet articulate is the attitude Andrew wanted to convey upon initial impression.

Simply Responsive

Knowing that most hiring managers may look at Andrew’s Web site on their second screen, it was important to contemporize his Web site up-to-date with responsive design. This gives potential partners immediate grasp of Andrew’s capable achievements.

One Page Design

Less is more in Andrew’s case. The single page layout gives recruiters and partners enough information within the 6-30 second overview to make a decision. With the years of experience in his portfolio, we showcased his personal brand, highlighted his expertise in quick bullet points, and featured the top 3 projects that give him an edge for his continuing career path.

Working with Lisa on my new Web site was a delight. We talked about what I wanted the Web site to accomplish and after coming up with a scheme we liked she went to work. Along the way she kept refocusing my content efforts on the purpose of the Web site and how I wanted others to perceive it. The result exceeds my expectations and is simple and intuitive enough for a novice like me to easily update.

Andrew Hayden