iWine: Your Personal Assistant

Choosing wine can be a daunting process.

Standing in front of the wall of wine can overwhelm the senses faster than a bad bottle of wine that tastes like battery acid.

So how do we confidently choose a bottle of wine to enjoy with our meal?

Create a personal wine assistant.

Your personal wine assistant will help you discern the best choice for your meal or choose a meal that goes best with the wine on hand.

Choosing wine has never been so easy.

The iWine app is your personal assistant to the perfect match. Begin your search for building the meal around the wine on hand or bring a bottle to the host who has dinner prepared.


As much as I love wine, I still want to know which wine pairs well with food for my hostess. Staring at the wall of wine will no longer be intimidating as I move through the mobile app for the perfect match.