August 7, 2006 – Raleigh, North Carolina – EC Stewart Designs, Inc. today announced that nine of Elizabeth C. (Lisa) Stewart’s calligraphic images have been selected for publication in “Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing.” This marks the first time that the calligraphic illustrations of nationally recognized artist Elizabeth Stewart have been showcased in a juried publication. The illustrations featured are part of the broader line of ECStewart Collections pen & ink drawings and include: Bacchus & the Ball of Yarn, Purreth, Lay, Stretcher, Eros & the Empty Bowl, Scratcher, Rooster, Parrot, & Dragon.
“I’m looking forward to being showcased among other talented artists included in the book and this is a wonderful opportunity to broaden my audience,” said Stewart, Creative Goddess and CEO of EC Stewart Designs, Inc. “This is a thrilling opportunity and I am grateful that they have chosen to showcase 9 of my calligraphic illustrations.”

It all starts with art!
At the core of everything in the EC Stewart Collections is art. Simple, elegant and sophisticated, the pen and ink illustrations at the heart of every EC Stewart design are developed with an appreciation for the complexities that life confronts us with every day. They present items from the world around us with a sense of style and luxury all influenced and inspired by calligraphic techniques, colors pallets and traditional patterns from around the world.
For manufacturers and potential licensees, the EC Stewart Collections also offer a new level of flexibility in application and design. Working directly with the artist, companies can take advantage of the unique talents of Elizabeth Stewart to get the exact design they want for their customers. Starting with the simple line work of the artist, licensees can explore color, texture and image opportunities not afforded them by most other illustrators.

About the Artist
Based in Raleigh, NC, Elizabeth (Lisa) Stewart is an award-winning designer and illustrator with nearly two decades of experience creating artwork based on nature, animals and the world around her. In addition to her work on CalligraphyPets, Ms. Stewart is also CEO and Creative Goddess of EC Stewart Designs, Inc., a multifaceted design and marketing company. Ms. Stewart lives in Raleigh with her husband and their four cats.