OPENDOOR: Shareable Security for Home, Vehicle, & Small Business

Marketing Campaign

Keylock entry systems for home and vehicle are based on a 4 digit system and 10,000 different combinations are possible.
To date, hacks have created a fob that will break the code in no more than 6 seconds.
So, how safe are your valuables?


Create a digital product that keep your valuable safe. Period.


OPENDOOR provides a bluetooth connection that allows the admin to generate a password for the guest as she approaches the locked door. The password can remain infinitely active or for a variable set time. This solution works perfectly for B&Bs, roommates, small businesses, or individuals that hoard a pirate’s worth of booty.

OPENDOOR: Email Campaign

Clean design email campaign highlighting the benefits of the new home security app.

Layout works well for both email campaign and landing page.


Various Size Banner Ads

OPENDOOR Banner Graphic


SWAG Elements include Apple Watch, Folder, and Leather Laptop Sleeve