OPENDOOR: Shareable Security for Home, Vehicle, & Small Business

“For every lock, there is a locksmith.” ~Lisa

Keylock entry systems for home and vehicle are based on a 4 digit system and 10,000 different combinations are possible. To date, hacks have created a fob that will break the code in no more than 6 seconds. So, how safe are your valuables?


Create a digital product that keep your valuable safe. Period.


OPENDOOR provides a bluetooth connection that allows the admin to generate a password for the guest as she approaches the locked door. The password can remain infinitely active or for a variable set time. This solution works perfectly for B&Bs, roommates, small businesses, or individuals that hoard a pirates worth of booty.

EVENT: AT&T iOT Hackathon – July 2016
As the UI/UX designer working in a team of 4 programmers, we designed the following solution in 12 hours.




When my design interface was complete, I began learning Xcode to assist the programmers with the interactive aspect.


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