CASE STUDY: Website Design & Development

Seattle WordCamp

An empowering conference for the WordPress community who design, develop, and publish.

Web Site for Local Tech Conference

I was approached by the organizers of Seattle’s WordCamp for the design of a modern Web site for their 2017 conference. Their 2017 conference is a mobile-friendly web site for attendees who want to register and enroll in daily sessions.

The WordCamp organizers noticed the onward trend for consistent up-level web design and usability for each WordCamp city. Knowing that the Website will be hosted on WordPress, the Seattle WordCamp organizers underscored their need for mobile first accessibility and easy to update by volunteers.

My initial response was to create a differentiating brand identity that embodies the company’s ethos and provide a stable Web site that Seattle WordCamp volunteers could easily update. This was built with a style tile.

Style Tile

Beginning with brand development, the visual atmosphere begins with a style tile.

The flow was structured fairly quickly after investigating the requirements. My effort was mainly put into creating stunning visuals by using a style tile that helps to effectively communicate the essence of the Seattle WordCamp brand and that stands out from the previous year.

Web Site