Taken Barstools

We set the stage and open possibilities with custom pedestal design barstools.

Identity for maker and manufacturer of US American made goods

TAKENBarstools handcrafts reproduction barstools for fine bars and restaurants. Based on the authentic historic charm, each barstool is engineered with precision, durability, and reliability.

A purchased company, TAKENBarstools has the need to update the customer experience instilled with the same founding values. Beginning with brand development, the visual cue continues with the barstool.

As I began to streamline a new casting business I purchased, I wanted a contemporary logo that showcases American-made hand cast barstools. Based on my Creator Archetype, Lisa and I collaborated on my brand with the BYOBranding Workbook. Lisa designed the logo that showcases the unique, enduring design of my main product. I’m thrilled with the result.

Charles "Luke" Lukey

Restaurant Stage Manager, TAKENBarstools

Services Provided

Art Directing the Sophisticated Brand
TAKENBarstools focuses on setting the stage and opening possibilities for fine bars and restaurants. Recapturing turn of the century charm gives clients an elegant, upscale experience in the new World environment. The modern design and messaging cast a unique position in the marketplace. They can now speak confidently about their uniqueness and charge accordingly.
Concepting Charm
Capturing turn-of-the-century local nostalgia, the logo conveys mnemonic layering. Highlighting the simple elegance of the barstool against the kickplate, one can also see saloon doors in the positive area.
Design with Precision
Just like Luke’s barstools, the logo is simple and engineered to remain durable for many years.
Branding and Packaging
To remain consistent, the logo and ID/system are thoughtfully applied to each customer touchpoint. From business card to hang tags, shipping box stencils to supply bags, each element is carefully curated to capture the past.

This contemporary logo and ID system will help position us as the premier maker of historically accurate hand cast barstools well into the next 25 years. If you are looking for creative and unique designs, I would recommend that you contact Lisa Stewart for your projects.

Charles "Luke" Lukey

Restaurant Stage Manager, TAKENBarstools