How many times have you asked yourself, “Why are we here?”

For the most part, I’m not a ‘rah rah’ girl -I take a more pragmatic approach to life and business – especially in product development. However, I just watched a TED video with Simon Sinek and this presentation got me jazzed. So jazzed that I’m shouting from the rooftops!

This is a powerful piece of knowledge when it comes to today’s marketing –I hope you get pumped up, too.

Why “I Believe” is So Powerful

Simon made a discovery about how innovators (MLK, Jr, the Wright Brothers, and Apple) talk the same language as they begin any endeavor. Their communication is different than others, in that they talk from the inside out -beginning with “I believe.” We’ve heard this before and what helps is that Simon codified his discovery by creating the Golden Circle of communication for the rest of us.

CorporateUSA of yesteryear began with the What, How, Why of their mission statement and many of us began our businesses in this very way. We were convinced by retired marketing practitioners to embrace the “If they were successful using this model, I will be successful too” mantra -it’s no longer true.

Many of their advertisements were condescending (still are) and continue to push demographics into a tidy little mold. I know the reason for being on Earth is not to please my husband by cleaning the bathroom!

Invert Your Communication

Many of the corporate giants are dying out because they’ve pushed their ‘what’ core successfully and traditional broadcast media was the perfect venue for that. Now that new economy has partnered with new media, it seems that we’ve been forced to break that model and convert it into something meaningful; this can be found within Simon’s Golden Circle.

As defined by Simon, he contends that:

  • Typical Organizations begin with: What, How, Why
    Very few organization know ‘why’ anymore and I believe this is why they fail
  • Inspirational Leaders begin with: Why, How, What
    Remaining true to their core, their belief, is why I believe they thrive

By defining your mission based on inverting your communication, you’ll discover your core purpose. In the video, Simon then converts Apple’s current message with a typical organization formula (What, How, Why) contrasting it to their true message (Why, How, What) as a leader.It’s profound. Again, it’s been said before, but for some reason, he said it in a way I could understand.

Meanwhile, as a woman entrepreneur, I had a small glimmer of revelation in Simon’s talk -it’s when he breaks down the 3 components of the brain (I love talking about the brain) that parlays nicely with his Golden Circle:

  • Homo sapien (the new brain)
  • Neocortex (analytic), and the
  • Limbic system (feelings)

Listen closely when he draws out the limbic system with his compare/contrast… “I’m going with my gut” “This just doesn’t feel right” “My heart isn’t in it.”

Why Lead with Why

How many times have you asked yourself, “Why should I do this? Why did this happen? Why is she so stubborn? Why are we here?” As women, the majority of our conversations are lead with “Why.” Understand the “Why” as the core purpose for living and creating will help us achieve the sustainable endeavors we strive to build.

And this is why I’m jazzed. Leading with “why’ has lifted a huge weight off my sales shoulders. When I use “why” to lead any endeavor, I can lead with purpose knowing that…

  • “Why” is the reason/purpose of pitching my story
  • “Why” is the purpose of a new product
  • “Why” is the reason I want to build a foundation for abused children
  • “Why” gets me up in the morning

This is “why” I believe women entrepreneurs will reign in this next century -because we balance facts with feelings- and there’s nothing wrong with that. Left brainers will challenge our beliefs and they’ll only do that because they could never quantify ‘feelings.’ Of course, understand the numbers, but lead with our gut. If the why isn’t solid, then it needs to be improved or simply tossed.

Why becomes necessary and gives us purpose for being.

People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it.

Because “Why” is the fundamental core of our business Golden Circle, then why will always win when it comes to understanding what (new service, new product) we should incorporate into our fold.
Are you conveying the ‘why’ in your mission? Tell me how you’re doing it!
Until next time, keep building!

Cheers, Lisa