Are you taking advantage of SEO for your business?

A workshop for all small business entrepreneurs!!

Learn practical SEO strategy and tactics to boost your ratings without paying a dime.

How the SEO Strategy + Tactics Workshop can help your small business:

SEO workshop is guaranteed to give you all the components to begin attracting the right your customers to your business. During the workshop, Lisa will outline fun and effective ways you can begin building an SEO strategy without spending a dime.

A number of things we will cover during the workshop:
+Learn the do’s and don’t’s of getting started
+How to drive brand awareness
+Identify your audience (learn 2 secrets to attract and resonate)
+Empower your page ranking (discover at least 3 easy ways to capture attention)
+Set goals (to match your business goals)
+Build assets and hooks (based on branded content ideas)
+How to please the algorithmic Gods

Attract and resonate with the right customers.