What’s Your Entrepreneurial Superpower?

When you hear the word crayon, what pops into your mind? Crayola, right?

As a small business owner, you want to capture and occupy your customer’s attention like the Crayola brand. Your customer is on a journey to seek out your services but how will they know if you’re right for them?

Once you capture their awareness, you can begin taking up space in their world—like a kitten to your lap—and emotionally connect their desire with your brand’s personality. A personality that resonates on a deep level with charm and character similar to Crayola.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors today to resonate with the right customers tomorrow.

This quiz will reveal if you’re more like GoPro, Legos, or Tesla.

Discover Your Brand Archetype

And move from being a commodity to a recognized brand.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors to resonate with the right customers.

As a small business owner, your personality shows in your services. Capture the attention of your audience with your newly identified archetype.

We will discover your archetype that resonates with charm and character.

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“The archetype will serve as the heart for your brand and will become a built-in advantage.”

Your archetype is carefully developed to create, nourish, and interpret a unique-and-compelling meaning that will capture the attention of your audience. Once your archetype has been identified, your brand development will go smoother.

Like a beloved character in your favorite book, your archetype serves as a guide to your business strategy and marketing ideas.

Have you heard, “OMG You get me!”

What the customer is actually saying ‘We speak the same language!’

This is the first step to making an authentic connection.

She is attracted to your growing tribe and wants to learn more about you.

Feels nice, doesn’t it?

Customer desires are elementary desires. When you fine-tune your archetype, it begins to resonate with your customers’ strongly held desires.

Knowing what your customer wants and using your archetype to “show” how your brand embodies those desires plays out like a lively story.

Why is this?
Telling stories of one kind or another is the way we humans share our common experiences. How we tell the stories helps us make sense of our lives.

Because this has been going on for millennia, we have a stock of established characters, who come complete with their own personalities and backstories. By using these rich archetypes to personify our brands, we tap into the history, wisdom, and acceptance that goes with the fantasy character.

Keeping the fantasy alive through the lens of your archetype will be the energy that fuels the choices you make in branding.

What you’ll get after the quiz

Inspirational Archetypes

What is an Archetype and why is it important?

Marketing without a system is like building a house without a blueprint. What you need is an enduring and reliable guide—a documented approach that shows where you’ve started and where you must go.

Further, you’ll learn about the Archetype system and the big companies that use them. You’ll learn how to bring life to your archetype and how to apply it to your brand.

Marketing Tips

What is my motivation and why is it important?

The archetype will serve as the heart for your brand and will become a built-in advantage.

Each infographic will serve as an inspiration to help you champion your customer’s aspirations. From understanding your motivation to your personal motto, each will underscore each of your brand’s touchpoint. Learn to harness your archetype’s motivation like a gardener and grow a resilient brand.

Take the Archetype Quiz!

Differentiate yourself from your competitors to resonate with the right customers.

Your archetype will help with this!

The Aww-dorable FatCat Archetype Characters!

I wonder which one you’ll be?

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